Report Names September As Ship Date For iPhone 5; Thin On Other Details


Like miners chipping away for a seam of gold, the tech community has struck on one more detail about the next iPhone model from Apple (NSDQ: AAPL), called the iPhone 5: it will start to ship this September.

The report, in Reuters, cites three people with close knowledge of the company’s manufacturing.

Although we’ve seen a lot of different reports about what this next iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5, might contain — anything from NFC chips, to bigger screens, and better cameras; hey, its launch might even herald a much-speculated-on “digital media locker” cloud service from Apple — today’s report is very light on these kinds of specifications.

The two details that are noted in this latest report are a faster processor and a form factor similar to the current iPhone 4 (both of which are probably highly safe bets).

Production for the new device is set to begin in July or August, according to the report. Vendors working on the device include camera module maker Largan Precision Co Ltd, touchscreen panel maker Wintek Corp and case maker Foxconn Technology Co Ltd. Sony (NYSE: SNE) is apparently also supplying camera components for the device.

Given that many of these suppliers are Taiwan- and China-based, that’s a positive vote for less delays on the product: some have questioned what sort of impact the post-earthquake/tsunami situation in Japan will have on production of mobile devices like Apple’s.

There were 16 million iPhones sold in the fourth quarter of 2010, one of the biggest in the history of the company in terms of both sales and profits. Bumped up by the launch of the iPad 2 and the CDMA iPhone on Verizon, Apple is expected to report another tremendous three months in its quarterly earnings later today.

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