Apple’s Quarter By The Numbers: 18 Million iPhones, 4.69 Million iPads

The money-making machine that is the modern-day Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) Inc. continued its remarkable run during the first quarter of the year, with huge increases in profit and revenue compared to the prior year on the back of strong sales of the iPhone although iPad sales were a little lighter than some had expected. A full breakdown of the key numbers follows:

iPhone: Apple sold 18.65 million units of its flagship mobile product, an increase of 113 percent compared to the same period last year. Apple didn’t break out how many sales were to Verizon customers, which was the main iPhone-buying event of the quarter, but might shed a little more light on those details in a conference call to follow shortly.

iPad: iPad sales actually decreased compared to the previous year, which was the first period in which the original iPad was on sale. This year, Apple launched the iPad 2 in mid-March, and the breathless coverage leading up to the early-March announcement might have dampened demand as people held off until the new model was ready. Apple sold 4.69 million iPads in the quarter and did not break out the difference between iPads and iPad 2s, compared to last year, when it sold 7.31 million iPads.

Mac: Sales of personal computers may be slowing across the PC industry, but Apple’s notebooks are still selling well, with a 53 percent increase in units sold compared to the prior year. Apple sold 2.75 million portable systems during the quarter, but desktop sales continued to slump as the world moves away from the desktop.

iPod: It’s hard to believe that we’re getting close to the 10th year anniversary of the iPod, the product that sparked Apple’s renaissance. Sales of iPods were a bit light, down 17 percent compared to the prior year, as Apple continues to focus more on its iOS devices at the expense of the iPod, but it’s a transition the company has been talking about and planning for several years.

Overall: Apple’s revenue was $24.67 billion, up 83 percent compared to the previous year. iPhone revenue was the main catalyst for that huge jump. Profits came in at $5.99 billion or nearly double the quarterly profit Apple earned in the first quarter (its second fiscal quarter) during 2010.