FileShuttle: Simple Drag-and-Drop FTP File Sharing for the Mac

Screen shot 2011-04-18 at 12.50.14

If you have access to a server, FileShuttle is a free app for the Mac that makes sharing files, images and text a snap. Add your server’s FTP details, and uploading files is simply a matter of dragging them onto the FileShuttle icon in the dock. The file is uploaded and a shortened URL is automatically copied to your clipboard, ready to paste into a tweet, IM or email. Drag multiple files to the icon, and FileShuttle will package them up all up into a handy ZIP archive before uploading. You’re kept informed of the progress of any uploads via a progress bar indicator under the app’s icon and Growl notifications.

As well as uploading files, it can also automatically upload screenshots (in a similar manner to the GrabBox application I wrote about previously) and save snippets of text as text files, making it possible to turn a directory on your server into an easily sharable pasteboard.

A screenshot can’t really show how simple it is to use, so I made a short screencast:

While there are many cloud-based Mac file sharing apps like CloudApp and Droplr, FileShuttle is incredibly easy to set up and use and allows you to make use of your own server space in order to retain control over the files you share. Highly recommended.

(Via One Thing Well)

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