The Mobile Lowdown 04-18-11: Adobe; Square; Amazon Tablet; iPhone 5

Our look at some of the big stories in mobile: Adobe (NSDQ: ADBE) opens its Flash kimono; Square gets a leg up from Apple; (NSDQ: AAPL) some thoughts on Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) and its tablet ambitions; iPad backlash and boost; RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) explores Nortel’s patents; alleged picture of an iPhone 5

Adobe/Apple: Looks like a win for Apple in the ongoing debate about Flash and streaming video on iOS devices.

Adobe has added HTTP Live Streaming support into the latest version of its Flash Media Server product.

This means that publishers using Flash Media Server will be able to more reliably stream their content to iOS-based devices — currently the iPad, iPhone and iPod ranges — which do not have Flash support; and also other Mac portable products running OS X, which do not have Flash pre-installed (and according to some have better battery life as a result).

Although Apple has most notably rejected Adobe’s Flash streaming technology, there are other products that will benefit from this latest Adoble offering, indcluding Samsung connected TVs and Motorola’s Xoom tablet and Atrix handset.

Square: The mobile payments startup whose service works using a dongle that is plugged into an iOS or Android device, has gotten a big endorsement from Apple. The device is now being sold both by Apple online and, soon, in Apple’s retail stores, writes TechCrunch. Some are wondering if this might mean that Apple is less interested in pursuing NFC solutions for its devices — which would, technically, made the Square service obsolete.

Amazon tablet: Interesting post on the personal blog of Marco Arment, the founder of Instapaper, weighing up the possibility of an Amazon tablet on the horizon. (Like us, he thinks it is possible.)

The most recent piece in the puzzle, he writes, is the launch last week of the ad-subsidized Kindle, which he believes is Amazon’s way of testing out a business model that might be applied to a more sophisticated device — and more sophisticated suite of services.

iPad: As the device starts to get stocked at Toys ‘R’ Us stores — the biggest sign yet of how this device, perhaps more than any other Apple has made, it is aiming at a younger audience — some negative words from the congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr (a Democrat from Illinois). Jackson said that the device is eliminating thousands of jobs by making bookstores, and other parts of the physical book economy, less relevant. He also happened to speak out in favor of tablets as an educational tool (certainly an idea motivating the Toys ‘R’ Us retail move) a month ago.

RIM: Bloomberg is reporting that BlackBerry and PlayBook maker RIM is now also wading into the Nortel wireless patent race with an offer to top the $900 million that Google said it would be willing to pay for them.

iPhone 5? More speculation about the iPhone 5, this time with a picture, courtesy of 9to5Mac blogger MarkGurman. It’s white, and it has no home button, and check out the huge screen. Can it be real?