paidContent Week In Review: Tasini Vs. HuffPo; Google Earnings; Flipboard


In case you missed it, links to some of the top stories in digital media this past week:

»  Tasini On HuffPo Lawsuit: We Have ‘All Sorts Of Inside Information’

»  Page Ducks Out Of Call Fast; Analysts Drill Other Google Execs On Big Increase In Expenses

»  Oprah OWNs Prime Flipboard Real Estate In First-Of-A-Kind Deal For iPad Mag

»  The Misadventures Of PlayBook: Questioning Reviews Jump The Launch Gun

»  Pay To Play: Can Spotify Still Turn Freeloaders In To Customers?

»  Now The Movie Is Really Over: Facebook Beats Winklevosses On Appeal

»  For DLA Piper’s Sake, Zuckerberg E-Mails Better Not Be Fake

»  Cisco’s Consumer Clusterf*ck Claims Eos, Media Solutions Group

»  Amazon Does The Kindle Limbo But Is $114 Low Enough?

»  Post Huffington Post Deal, AOL’s Patch Will Become More ‘Social’

»  Jay Walker Goes Nuclear: Priceline Founder Sues More Than 100 Companies

»  Newsweek Daily Beast Executive Chairman Harman Dies At 92

»  IAB: Online Ad Spending Maintained Double Digit Gains Through Q4

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