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Microproject: Simple, Smart Project Management

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Microproject is a simple, intuitive multi-user online project management app for small teams. It uses a slick drag-and-drop interface and presents all the information pertaining to the project on one screen: there’s no switching between windows or pop-ups.

Microproject is supposed to emulate the ease of project planning on a whiteboard, and it mostly succeeds; the drag-and-drop, Gantt-chart based interface might not be quite as intuitive a scribbling on a whiteboard, but it should be fairly easy to pick up, even for complete project management novices. Adding a new task, for example, is simply a matter of giving it a description and positioning it on the chart. Documentation is limited to a series of tutorial screencasts, but it’s unlikely that most users will need them.

Although it’s designed to be very simple and intuitive, Microproject does have a few more advanced project management features. The app watches for missed deadlines, for example, and files can be attached to tasks. There’s a built-in messaging system, so users can send each other messages within the app, and there’s also the ability to send a “Snapshot” of current project progress to anyone.

Microproject is a useful app if you’re looking for an unfussy project management tool that doesn’t require a great deal of prior project management experience for a team of up to six people; it’s not suitable for more complex projects or larger teams. For very basic online project planning for small teams, I’m still recommending the simpler Tom’s Planner, which is even easier to use than Microproject. However, if you need some more robust project management features, such as being able to monitor project progress, deadlines missed, etc., Microproject is definitely worth a look; it’s free to try for 30 days. After that, it’s priced per project per month, depending on the number of users accessing each project, starting at 2 EUR ($2.83) /month per project for two users, and going up to 6 EUR/month per project for six users.

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