The Only Constant on the Web Is Change

With the publication of this short post, regular readers will likely notice that our mobile channel here at GigaOM has had a bit of a facelift. The content is still the same, and the old address will continue to redirect you here (but actually that’s been happening since October of last year!).

The difference, really, is one of look and feel. Though this channel started off as a personal mobile tech blog, it has also been closely tied to our annual mobile industry event, Mobilize. So we’re visually bringing the two a little closer together.

Now in its fourth year, Mobilize has been such a big success as a one-day event, that we’re expanding it this fall to two full days. This illustrates the rapid growth of the mobile space, which is permeating into our daily lives more and more each day. The entire computing paradigm is shifting from desktop to mobile, which means there’s far more than we can cover in a single-day event.

Of course, the Mobilize channel, with its new color and branding, is where we’ll continue to cover this shift – and what it means to you — on a daily basis, through handset reviews, tips and tricks for mobile device users, the latest cloud services that take you mobile, news about the mobile industry and more! We hope you like the new look.