Binfire: Team Collaboration and Project Management

The first step toward successful remote working is communication. Binfire offers distributed teams a free solution for online collaboration that makes it simple to stay on track.

As with most online collaboration tools, Binfire offers the ability to manage projects by adding members, creating tasks and milestones, and assigning responsibility, but there are several useful features I haven’t seen in other project management solutions so far, including:

  • The ability to follow and unfollow tasks. By simply clicking a star next to a given item, you can add or remove yourself from following the task, making it easy to stay informed about the progress of certain milestones or to remove yourself from conversations and activities that don’t directly involve you.
  • The ability to organize milestones by context. Most project management applications I’ve tried offer the ability to rearrange and move tasks and to-do items quite easily, but not milestones, especially as they relate to other tasks you need to complete for a given project.
  • Tagging of milestones for quick searching and organization. Sometimes it helps to be able to search for tasks and other items quickly by keyword, and Binfire’s tagging feature makes it easy to organize items into groups for easy searching.
  • Quick view of item history. It’s easy to forget the status of particular milestones or tasks, especially when you’re managing several parts of a project (or multiple projects). With Binfire’s quick viewing of item history, you can easily remember where you are and what needs to happen next, in order to complete the item.
  • Clear hierarchy of tasks and milestones. One of the most useful features of Binfire is the ability to create a clear hierarchy of milestones, tasks, and sub-tasks. Add to that functionality the ability to create dependencies, and you know right away what needs to get done and in what order. With top down tasks and milestones, it’s easy to organize projects and not feel overwhelmed.

On top of these helpful features, here are a few of the other things you can do with Binfire:

Communicate With Your Team

Binfire offers easy commenting on just about anything: milestones, to-dos and status updates. The interactive whiteboard provides a direct way to brainstorm with your team in real time, including the ability to write, draw, import pictures, and open PDF (s adbe) documents directly within the whiteboard.

The quick status updating feature makes it possible for team members to keep each other in the loop. You can also use the online chat feature to talk to your team members one-on-one or as a group; it’s easy to add a new person to a chat by simply dragging and dropping them into the conversation.

Organize and Share Files

Each project has its own folder that is accessible to all team members and includes version control and file locking, making it possible to protect sensitive files and revert back to previous versions.

You can lock a file while you are working on it, making it visible to other members that you are using the file and forcing them to wait for you to finish your changes before they can access it. When you’re done, the members get a notification by email that your updated file is ready and available to them for their additions.

Track Progress

Through the dashboard and project overview, you can quickly track all activity for a project, and for every major action taken by your team members, a small summary is available.

Binfire currently offers the app for free, with a paid version coming soon that will include increased storage and file size limit, more projects and project members, Gantt and PERT charts, and advance project status reporting.