The Morning Lowdown 04-13-11


Credit: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  Kerry-McCain Privacy Bill — Opt-Outs Are In, Do Not Track Is Out (paidContent)

»  Why Even $1 Million Ads in Oprah Finale Leaves Money on the Table (AdAge)

»  How Paywalls Are Changing News Organizations’ Social Media Strategies (Mashable)

»  The current issue of Newsweek has only six ads. (Business Insider)

»  Canadians would rather give up newspapers than the internet. (

»  What are investors looking for in journalism startups? (Poynter)

»  Why “Post PC” doesn’t mean “Sans PC.” (Macworld/Michael Gartenberg)

»  The End of Content Ownership (PCMag)

»  Why Social Media Reinvigorates the Market for Quality Journalism. (Mashable)

»  It’s good takes comments more seriously, but…(Media Nation)

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