If the iPhone 5 Doesn’t Arrive in June, Will You Switch?

According to a recent smattering of analyst reports, including one just released Tuesday from Susquehanna International Group, the iPhone 5 might not arrive until Fall 2011, when new iPhones have traditionally been released yearly in June or July. Whether or not predictions of a delay are accurate, would delayed Apple hardware affect your choice of smartphone?

Besides analysts, there’s also John Paczkowski of Digital Daily, who reported Tuesday that he’s hearing more and more buzz about the iPhone launching in September at Apple’s annual fall media event, which is normally reserved for new iPod announcements. Paczkowski’s parent blog, All Things Digital, is known to have good ties to Apple sources.

A yearly update cycle means that every two years, iPhone customers who bought their first device new when it originally came out are eligible for the hefty subsidy that comes with a new contract. In at least some cases, those customers are eagerly awaiting a new phone (a lot can change in two years in the mobile tech realm) and might not be inclined to wait around with aging devices until the new iPhone comes to market. It is worth noting, however, that iOS users appear to be among the most loyal.

Even if Apple doesn’t introduce a refreshed iPhone at WWDC in June, I plan on sticking it out until the next iteration does arrive, since in my experience with competing mobile operating systems I’ve been left wanting the simplicity and stability of iOS, but I wonder if others feel the same. Will you wait, or will you start to shop around?[polldaddy poll=4897644]