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Research: YouTube Beats iTunes For Consumers’ Music Attention

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The format digital music listeners are most likely to pay for… is the one they use least, according to new Nielsen research…

Only about 16 percent of consumers bought a digital download in the last three months, even though the format ranks top amongst formats they would pay for.

Consumption is overwhelmingly taken up by online music videos, ahead of free/illegal downloads. That means, while iTunes Store remains labels’ biggest single recorded-music payout partner, the likes of YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) and Vevo actually command most consumer attention in the form of music videos, from which labels nevertheless get paid an accompanying royalty.

Interestingly, music videos rank just behind digital downloads as the format listeners are next most likely to pay for.

Nielsen polled 26,644 online consumers across 53 countries. Full report here. Its findings may appear skewed, in relation to country-specific research, because different markets’ habits can vary greatly.

3 Responses to “Research: YouTube Beats iTunes For Consumers’ Music Attention”

  1. They are also using the YouTube link to illegally download music. You are able to get the info on how and where to do it on the comments, and as is to expect YouTube does not do anything about it.

  2. Youtube is free. You also get something to look at. Expect that to develop. SOMETHING TO LOOK AT…
    In the future there’ll be significant change in “music videos” as visualisers start mashing up tv content..

  3. sounds about right… I discover lots of music through Spotify (which I just pay about $10 a month for) and Youtube (which I just pay by giving personal information about my viewing habits to the worlds largest advertising company). I buy lots of drm-free mp3’s on the net, but listen to them just as much in Spotify as from the mp3’s, which are mostly there for when the net connection drops or for car/train rides…