Ooyala Expands TV Everywhere Offering for Connected Devices

Online video distribution firm Ooyala is beefing up its TV Everywhere capabilities, adding new DRM and authentication features, and expanding distribution to new connected device platforms. The new capabilities, being announced at this week’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show, will give more flexibility to content providers who want to provide authenticated access to their content.

The new capabilities build on a previous release of Ooyala’s TV Everywhere offering. While that initial release only enabled content providers to establish micropayments and pay-per-view options for videos online, the latest update expands that to include subscription and ad-based models for authenticated streams.

To do that, Ooyala has bolstered its security, now with DRM options that include Adobe (s ADBE) Flash Access, Widevine (s GOOG) and Microsoft (s MSFT) PlayReady. The platform also supports authentication through an operator’s own CRM, Adobe Pass or Ooyala’s own subscription management service, increasing the number of ways that subscribers can log in to TV Everywhere-enabled VOD sites.

But Ooyala is also going beyond the web browser, and extending the number of platforms over which content companies can provide access to their content. The video distribution platform has partnered with LG Electronics and Panasonic to enable its customers to build applications and deliver videos directly to Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players. The platform also supports distribution to Roku and Boxee broadband set-top boxes, Google TV-enabled devices and upcoming YouView products in the U.K.

Adding new features and supported devices is a positive step for Ooyala, which in a lot of ways it is still playing catchup to other distribution platforms, like Brightcove, Comcast’s (s CMCSA) thePlatform or Cisco’s (s csco) recently-acquired Extend Media. All those platforms have supported some form of authenticated subscription offering for at least the last year. While there’s still a large opportunity for Ooyala to capture business from media companies and operators just turning on their TV Everywhere initiatives, it’ll be doing so against some more mature platforms.