The Morning Lowdown 04-11-11


Credit: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  Bloomberg BusinessWeek launches iPad app with monthly subscription plan. (paidContent)

»  At Gannett (NYSE: GCI), furloughs but nice paydays for the brass. (David Carr/NYT)

»  Turner experiments with building a smarter ad for its cable networks. (AdAge)

»  Twitter loves TV, and the feeling is mutual. (MediaMemo)

»  Steve Jobs’ authorized biography will be coming out next year. (AP)

»  Greg Coleman discusses his new roles as president of retargeter Criteo. (AdExchanger; also check out paidContent’s coverage here)

»  Will iPad and tablets be our Sunday paper? (GigaOm)

»  The battle for America: Mail and Guardian look west. (Mediaweek UK)

»  There is an “unlit social graph,” and this is where Facebook is vulnerable to competitors. (The Next Web)

»  Actors in smaller studios, making pictures for the smaller screen. (NYT)

»  About those “accidental” clickthroughs in mobile ads. (Terry Heaton/PoMo)

»  You should not write like a businessperson just because you cover business. (Robert MacMillan, Reuters)

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