Adobe Turning Tablets Into Photoshop Palettes


One of Adobe’s flagship software tools is getting a little touchier. As part of a new release of Creative Suite, the company has released a Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit that lets Photoshop users work tablets into the mix as creative tools.

The new kit will be available for iOS, Android, and the forthcoming BlackBerry Tablet OS, and it will allow software developers to marry tablets and Photoshop. Adobe (NSDQ: ADBE) released three of its own applications as a showcase for the kit, such as Adobe Color Lava, which lets Photoshop users mix color palettes with their fingers on a tablet. Adobe’s apps will be available in May.

Tablets were initially derided as toys fit more for sedentary consumption, as opposed to tools that were capable of creating serious art or content. But as more and more application developers study what they can do with the technology, things like the Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit prove there are plenty of ways to use a large touchscreen device as a creative tool.

Adobe also released new mobile development tools as part of the Creative Suite 5.5 update, a massive series of additions across much of the company’s product line. The new Flash and Flex Builder tools will supposedly make it easier for mobile developers to target multiple operating systems, according to Adobe’s press release.

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