Quick Tip: Paste Images Into Gmail Messages Using Chrome

Screen shot 2011-04-08 at 10.46.41

Here’s a quick productivity-boosting tip: Did you know that you can simply copy and paste images into Gmail messages using Chrome? While dragging and dropping of images into messages has been available in Gmail for a while now, being able to paste images from the clipboard is arguably an even more useful feature, as it makes it easier to grab images that are on different tabs or in different windows. UPDATE: this only works for images that are online; you can copy images from websites but you can’t copy images from your desktop.

It works just as you would expect it to: Copy an image to the clipboard, hit Edit->Paste (or Ctrl+V on Windows/Cmd+V on Mac) and your image will be pasted into the message, which can then be sent as normal.

Note: According to the How-To Geek blog, while copy and pasting appears to work in Firefox, the recipient won’t get the images correctly. I tested it, and while it works well using Chrome, with Firefox the recipient will just get a confusing mess of HTML.


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