Green Overdrive: Wrightspeed Unveils Factory, Drive System

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The last time I caught up with the founder of Wrightspeed, Ian Wright (who was also part of the founding team of Tesla (s TSLA)) he was blazing around the race track at Laguna Seca, and passing a Tesla Roadster. For this episode of GigaOM TV’s Green Overdrive show, we catch up with Wright at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at his new factory, and he shows us the latest version of the company’s digital drivesystem that will be used to build extended-range electric trucks.

To hear about Tesla and Coda Automotive’s plans for their next EVs, come to Green:Net on April 21.

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You might point out to Ian that EV’s don’t have fuel tanks. He’s building hybrids, specifically serial PHEV’s, not EV’s. There is a difference. A “range extended electric vehicle” or REEV is just GM market speak for PHEV. PHEV’s are fine and have their place but don’t call them EV’s.

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