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Google Shakes Up Its Management Structure

New Google (NSDQ: GOOG) CEO Larry Page is shaking up the company’s executive structure during his first week on the job. In the wake of product heard Jonathan Rosenberg’s announcement earlier this week that he would be stepping down, Page is now promoting six top executives who will each now lead specific initiatives at the company.

The LA Times reports that Andy Rubin will now be SVP of mobile, Vic Gundotra will be SVP of social, Sundar Pichai will be SVP of Chrome, Salar Kamangar will be SVP of YouTube and video, Alan Eustace will be SVP of search, and Susan Wojcicki will be SVP of ads. All will report directly to Page.

Eustace previously directed Google’s engineering efforts as SVP of engineering, while Wojcicki was promoted to SVP in October. Pichai, Gundotra, Rubin and Kamangar were previously VPs. (One more change: Jeff Huber, a former SVP of engineering, is apparently now SVP of local and commerce).

The changes come as Google has said that one reason it decided to undo its triumvirate leadership structure earlier this year and appoint Page as CEO, Eric Schmidt as executive chairman and Sergey Brin to lead special projects, was to make the company’s management more efficient. It is apparently now taking that approach lower down the executive ranks as well.

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