Acer Joining Android Tablet Fray With $499 Iconia At Best Buy

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Acer’s first tablet is ready for preorders through Best Buy, as one of the companies most closely identified with the netbook tries its hand at a different flavor of mobile computing.

Clearly Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is starting to get the code straightened out for Android 3.0, also known as Honeycomb, with more and more hardware companies starting to reveal specific plans for Honeycomb tablets. Acer’s Iconia A500 tablet was first announced at CES, and it has learned the pricing lessons taught by the less-than-enthusiastic response to Motorola’s Xoom; Acer will launch the A500 through Best Buy as a Wi-Fi only model for $499, with orders expected to ship later in April.

It’s a particularly interesting situation for Acer, which recently parted ways with its CEO over differences in strategy over how to preserve the company’s legacy low-end PC and netbook business while dealing with the threats posed by smartphones and tablets. Growth rates in those legacy markets are expected to slow this year, according to Gartner, and Acer is a bit behind competitors like Motorola (NYSE: MMI) and Samsung when it comes to making an Android name for itself.

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Here come all the IPad Killers and one by one they’ll all get killed. What happened to Samsungs Tab they made 4 million and sold 100 thousand. Motorola Xoom what a piece of junk that thing is. Where’s Flash? What no SD card support. Oh yeh it’s coming and when it does you’ll get about 4 hours of battery. All the Apple haters must be so proud of their Tabs and Xooms and now we have the cheapest of the cheap jumping in with Acer’s Iconia. Thank God there are more educated normal people with morals than there are Droid fans that sit at home and watch Jerry Springer.

Bobby Mikels

The price of Acer Iconia could be their biggest strength. I just hope Motorola Xoom will also consider cutting down their selling price just like Acer. Apple iPad 2 has been dominating the tablet competition since last year. A good marketing for this device could land them in second position after iPad 2. Since no one has ever tried it, it’s very hard to say if they are really that good just like what they are claiming on papers.

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