A Nokia Symbian Event On April 12? No, There Is No Event


This is a public service announcement for those Nokia (NYSE: NOK) watchers out there thinking that next week there would be a London event to reveal some juicy news about Symbian: there is no actual, physical event taking place. But there will be some news.

You may have seen the invite posted on various web sites (pictured left), inviting the recipient to “discover what’s new with Symbian smartphones.” Even we picked up the story about what Symbian news could be in store for Tuesday, April 12.

We also took the time to get in touch with Nokia to get more detail. It turns out this was something of a blog storm in a teacup. Here is what a Nokia spokesperson had to say:

“The announcements next week are all online activities,” he wrote mocoNews in an email. “The interest has been generated by a teaser campaign and the fact that here in the UK we have arranged to meet a few of our analysts on Tuesday. The wider media have combined these items to ‘create’ a nonexistent London Launch.”

He noted that there will be some Symbian announcements made that day at 10 AM Finnish time (4 AM U.S. Eastern time) but not in the form of a webcast or any other kind of big presentation. We’ll be sure to cover those.

The amount of attention this non-event has received speaks miles about the dangers of blog-chatter, but perhaps even more about how curious people are to see how Symbian progresses as Nokia works to create new Windows Phone 7 devices — and the ecosystem to handle them.

HTC, by the way, will definitely be holding an event in London on April 12.



There are obviously a lot of people like me who love the Nokia N8 and believe the Elop WP7 decision might have been good for Microsoft but bad for Nokia customers. iPhone and Android success have resulted more from PR hype than quality products, and these Nokia PR gaffes continue to degrade the Nokia image despite the quality of its devices (including Symbian).


No surprise; Nokia keeps one of the worst communications teams of any multinational. Must’ve staffed the C-level with BP rejects.

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