@ AADigital: ‘The Daily’s’ Clayman: You Can Ask, But We’re Not Talking Subs Numbers


AdAge’s Nat Ives began his chat with The Daily’s Greg Clayman by pressing him on recent questions about subscriber numbers. Clayman wouldn’t budge, saying only that “we’re happy” with the way things are going and by the “interest” of media outlets and how it’s going. “We’re not ready to release those numbers yet; it’s only been about two weeks or so since the paid subscriptions came down.”

Ives pointed to a study by KNOW that generally speaking, tech savvy consumers who are interested in news are not interested in what The Daily now provides. Is the audience less sophisticated? “There are groups of people who don’t like the NYT or the WSJ, and we’ve done our own surveys about who our audience is,” Clayman said. “We’re sometimes compared to tabloids like the NY Post. We’re fun we’re punchy. We put out 100 pages a day and we have 100 journalists, not a 1,000.”

Clayman also said that The Daily’s audience is growing nationally and has found people in small towns in New Hampshire and in Texas telling him that the app appeals to them.

During the audience Q&A, the issue of whether iPad owners were early adopters and therefore too “sophisticated” for The Daily’s more mainstream bent came up again. “Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has sold 15 million and is on track to sell another 20 million this year, so those buyers are not all ‘early adopters.’ iPad owners are not just media people living in New York and LA. It’s broader than you think. And people do want to read a diverse array of publications.”

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