New Promo Borrows From Print Marketing: 50 Percent Off

Apple iPad NYT Onscreen

In a new promo that went to some (NYSE: NYT) registered users today, the New York Times is offering 26 weeks of digital access for half price — bringing the cost of subscribing to the most expensive digital-only package to less than a home-delivery print subscription. Until now, the only digital discount was the intro 99 cents for the first four weeks for any level that went into effect at launch March 28. That’s still an option.

The 26-week promo comes out to $1.99/week, site plus smartphone; $2.50/week, site plus tablet; or $4.38/week for all access; that comes out to $51,74 $65, or $113.88. The full retail price is $195, $260 or $455 a year or $3.75, $5 or $8.75 a week.

The least expensive full-price print subscriptions, which include digital access for no extra cost, run $7.40 for weekdays and $7.50 for Sunday only. But the paper already was running a half-price, 26 weeks deal for home delivery, in addition to the usual array of offers for print subscriptions.

In the long run, if the Times sticks to its current pricing plan it will be less expensive for anyone who wants full access to opt for print, For now, though, some members of the digital-only crowd who aren’t into using the loopholes or hitting the 20-article paywall have a less expensive option.

By the way, this will make any back of the envelope estimates about revenue even more difficult.

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