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The Morning Lowdown 04-05-11

»  Satellite TV system Dish Network (NSDQ: DISH) is partnering with cross-platform pay-TV venture Epix, which is backed by Paramount, Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF) and MGM, on offering “unlimited” on-demand, online access to content via [Release]

»  Hulu finished the first quarter of 2011 up 90 percent in revenue over the same period last year and is on pace to bring in a half-billion in revenue this year. [paidContent]

»  Condé Nast paid $8 million to scammer who sent one e-mail. [Forbes Informer]

»  Bought by AOL (NYSE: AOL) alongside Patch, local guide/check-in service Going will soon be “gone.” [Techcrunch]

»  Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) [NSDQ: AAPL] makes bid to become gatekeeper for newspapers and magazines. [Mercury News]

»  Something’s wrong: consumers are valued at 10X the rates when reading the same article in the New York Times (NYSE: NYT) print newspaper vs. shifting their attention 90 degrees to their computer reading the exact same article online at the exact same point in time, says Rubicon Project’s Frank Addante. [Rubicon Blog]

»  Newspapers get 3x too many ad dollars, says eMarketer study [Newsosaur]

»  The conditions are finally right to give newspaper paywalls a fair shake, says former NYT exec and NPR CEO Vivian Schiller. [Austin American-Statesman via Romenesko]

»  Media buying: a flawed system? [The Guardian]

»  San Francisco Chronicle parent Hearst has told employees that it intends to roll out the paywall along with a digital subscription plan for the newspaper’s new iPad app. [The Bay Citizen]