Survey: More Than Twice As Many Dropped Calls On AT&T iPhone 4 Than Verizon

Dropped Calls Verizon Att Iphone4

A recent survey of U.S. iPhone owners found similar levels of high satisfaction across AT&T (NYSE: T) and Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) customers except for one key (and unsurprising) difference: phone calls. ChangeWave’s latest consumer survey found that while 82 percent of Verizon iPhone owners were very satisfied with their purchase, and 80 percent of AT&T customers felt the same way, AT&T customers reported about two and a half as many dropped calls on their iPhone 4 as experienced by Verizon customers with the same device.

Frustration over dropped calls on AT&T’s network has been a running theme almost from the day the iPhone made its debut on that network, and while the situation has improved according to ChangeWave’s data, it’s still pretty bad. Overall, AT&T has the worst dropped-call rate among U.S. carriers, with Verizon in the lead followed by T-Mobile and then Sprint (NYSE: S).

That may be why of the prospective iPhone 4 buyers surveyed, 46 percent told ChangeWave they’d opt for Verizon, as compared to 27 percent who wanted to use AT&T. ChangeWave correctly notes that Verizon’s network may one day face the same kind of capacity crunch at AT&T’s since only a fraction of iPhone 4s in general run on Verizon’s network, where they have only been available since February.


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