Netflix Gets Exclusive Streaming Rights For ‘Mad Men’ Reruns

Mad Men

Although negotiations between cable network AMC and Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner have resulted in the show’s next season not returning until 2012, fans of the show will be able to stream past episodes on Netflix this summer, Variety reports. The movie and TV renter have signed an exclusive deal that’s estimated at $1 million per episode.

The Mad Men reruns will be available to Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) viewers on July 27th, around the time the next season was supposed to start on AMC.

The deal comes as Netflix as continues to aggressive push ahead with its streaming plans. Last summer, Netflix signed a $1 billion deal with Epix, which gave the rental service access to movies from Paramount, Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF) and MGM. Then, in the fall, Netflix began offering a streaming-only service to build on its deals with Netflix, Starz and others. Now, Netflix’s remaining challenge is getting access to primetime shows. Mad Men, more a cult hit than a ratings juggernaut, is nevertheless one step in achieving that goal.


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