Consumer Reports Ranks iPad 2 Ahead Of Motorola Xoom


Credit: Apple

Apparently there’s no wrong way to hold the iPad 2: Consumer Reports has recommended it as the best tablet available at present.

The venerable product review organization put out a press release Tuesday noting that after a series of tests Consumer Reports feels comfortable awarding the iPad 2 its highest ranking among the new generation of tablet computers, which really isn’t much of a surprise given the relative lack of competition in the market at the moment. Motorola’s Xoom, which has only been available for a couple of months, was deemed the best challenger to the iPad but only ranked fourth on the overall list, according to GigaOm, behind the 3G iPad 2, the Wi-Fi-only iPad 2, and even the original 3G iPad. (UPDATED: A commenter both here and on GigaOm’s site points out that the Xoom was actually tied with the original 3G iPad.)

The iPad 2 itself has only been available for about a month but Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has the benefit of a year’s worth of experience in the market. Consumer Reports said the original iPad was ranked higher than several challengers released after its debut, including the Dell Streak and ViewSonic ViewPad, although it’s not clear where Samsung’s Galaxy Tab fell into the mix. (The full rankings are only available to Consumer Reports subscribers, and among those covering the news this morning only GigaOm’s Darrell Etherington appeared to have full access.)

Consumer Reports had a bit of a tough time evaluating the iPhone 4, giving it the highest ratings of any smartphone on the market but refusing to recommend it because of the antenna grip issues noticed by several reviewers. It had no such qualms about the iPad 2, giving the device excellent ratings “in nearly every category,” according to the press release.

Apple is expected to report its quarterly earnings in a few weeks, at which time we’ll likely get a better feel for how many iPad 2 devices it has sold so far.


Alexander Cardosa

I have seen the Xoom and I was not impressed at all. Its not a bad tablet but its not that great maybe the Xoom 2 will be more of what people are really looking for. For now nothing beats the iPad 2. I did find the Android OS a bit confusing but that could just be me and millage ma vary for others. 

Tom Krazit

@RichardL The top-five rankings were taken from GigaOm’s report, as I don’t subscribe to CR and don’t have full access. Another commenter on GigaOm’s site made the same observation, however, so I’m happy to clarify.


You need to check your facts. CU ranked the Xoom even with the iPad 1 3G and ahead of the Wifi version iPad 1.

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