Who’s Winning in Social TV? Trendrr.tv Can Tell You

Did AMC’s (s cvc) new show The Killing make a killing on social networks in its first night? Can any TV program compete with NBC Fox’s (s nws) Glee for social media interaction week-to-week?

It used to be you’d have to pay a social research firm to answer those kinds of questions for you. But with the launch of new site Trendrr.tv, social media research firm Wiredset is opening up some of its data to illustrate the effect social media can have on some shows.

It’s increasingly clear that social networks are helping to grow TV audiences and create more engagement with viewers on broadcast and cable TV. To track that trend, we here at GigaOM have been using Trendrr social TV data for a while to help understand which shows were hottest on social network sites, and in the past have published a weekly Statshot column that put these graphs into context. Now similar data will be available every day for whomever might want to check out which shows garnered the most attention on Twitter last night and over the last week.

Trendrr.tv aggregates data from public Facebook posts and Twitter mentions, as well as check-ins from social TV applications like GetGlue and Miso. Trendrr.tv isn’t just about which show created the most buzz on a given night or over the past week; it can also be used to identify trends in viewership, according to Wiredset CEO Mark Ghuneim. “Past seeing what TV shows have the highest level of engaged two screen activity … you can also see what types of shows are driving conversation,” Ghuneim wrote in an email.

For instance, live events and reality TV programming frequently draw the highest social interaction on broadcast TV, as you can see in today’s Daily Broadcast Top 10, which ranks the Academy of Country Music Awards and Celebrity Apprentice tops in last night’s rankings. But on cable, new scripted dramas are performing strongly, as AMC’s The Killing and Showtime’s (s CBS) The Borgias ranked number one and number two for Sunday night.

Moving to a weekly view, you can see that Fox heavyweight Glee is far-and-away the most popular broadcast TV show on social networks. Meanwhile, even though MTV’s (s VIA) Jersey Shore garnered more attention than any other cable show over the previous week, it still pales in comparison to some of the broadcast shows. The MTV reality show would have been seventh on the broadcast top 10.

While the daily and weekly version of the data has been made free, Wiredset will continue to offer more advanced data such as location-based analysis as part of its professional social media dashboard.

In the site’s FAQ, the company says that the professional version of Trendrr.tv “includes the ability to look at a show and compare its performance by network, genre, broadcast/cable, day of airing and time slot.” Ghuneim noted that in the paid version, you can also see how different shows are performing differently across social networks.