Rokstand Review: An iPhone Stand With Motorsport Roots

An iPhone stand that costs almost as much as an iPhone ($169) will raise a few eyebrows. Mine were certainly raised when I heard about the Rokstand at this year’s Macworld Expo. Yet, I was simply amazed at what a masterful piece of art and engineering the RokForm folks created. This is the stand Steve Jobs would use to charge his iPhone or iPad, in my opinion.

The Rokstand is made of of anodized aluminum, and it’s reminiscent of a motorcycle with its bearings and gears. That makes sense since RokForm is a division of Two Brothers Racing, which makes items for the powersports industry. This stand seems turbocharged even when its just sitting in place. The aluminum grey nicely matches Apple’s current product line, but RokForm also makes the stand in eight different colors. I opted for the blue for this review.

The stand adjusts to six different positions and has grooves to hold your charging cable and dock. You simply place the phone in the dock to charge it. I really liked having a charging stand on my desk. The iPhone 4 doesn’t come with one and I miss being able to view my phone while working. The rubber rings ensure the Rockstand won’t slip off your desk. Everything has been thought of with the design of this stand. The rear gears hold the cable in place and a little lever optimizes the position of the device resting on it.

What you’re paying for with the Rokstand is style and quality. After all, you’ve got an iPhone, not a generic Android (s goog) device. The precision aluminum combined with the American manufacturing is going to make it cost more, but this stand will clearly outlast your iDevice. It even has its own serial number. The stand is a true conversation piece and practically every visitor to my office comments on how unique and attractive the Rokstand is.

The only caveat is that I’m constantly having to clean the office because I simply don’t want to embarrass myself in front of such a professional and classy stand. I sometimes even felt a strong urge to wear a shirt and tie while using it. Your mileage may vary.

  • Pros: Absolute pinnacle of style and class
  • Cons: It’ll cost you, and casual attire may not be appropriate.

Disclosure: Rokstand provided a sample for review.