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Facebook App Update Focuses on Location

The iPhone (s aapl) Facebook app received an update Monday, including new features and bug fixes. New features include the ability to view your Facebook Places check-ins on a map, and the ability to check-in at Facebook Events you’re attending. It also introduces the ability to unfriend directly from within the app.

The new Places map display uses iOS’ built-in Google Maps (s goog) services, and allows you to jump out to the iPhone Maps app itself, or go directly to directions in that app from your current location. It definitely makes it easier to stalk your friends in about three taps. The new Events check-in feature shows upcoming and current nearby events at the top of your location list, and lets you check-in as you would normally with any Facebook Place. You can also tag friends with you at a place, and include a status update.

There’s plenty of potential for Facebook Places thanks to these new updates. Businesses especially can benefit by combining Events with deals, allowing them to better publicize that feature of Facebook Places, which I’ve yet to see used very often. Tighter feature integration also gives users another reason to do their checking-in in Facebook instead of with competitors like Foursquare and Gowalla.

Another welcome new feature is the ability to unfriend on Facebook. A few friends almost exclusively access Facebook through the iPhone app these days, and that was the number one most requested feature I heard about from them. The ability to unfriend is accessible through the additional options button that appears at the top right when viewing a user’s profile.

Facebook also promises lots of bug fixes in this update, and so far it seems to deliver, though I can’t say I was running in to too many problems with the previous version either. Anyone else notice any specific bugs that have been addressed?


4 Responses to “Facebook App Update Focuses on Location”

  1. I just updated and am disappointed. I am seeing significantly less news in my newsfeed and it will not load the next page of my newsfeed. (Previously you had to click for more newsfeed, now it seems it does it automatically as you scroll, but mine is not functioning.)

  2. Shame about the crawl its development seems to have slowed to now. Liking comments and notifications for group activity would be much appreciated, too!

  3. Hey Darrell,

    I’ve noticed several bugs around photo / photo album comment workflow. Notifications would come in the list, but the app would take you to a different photo in the album, or not show you any of the comments (from 1 to n), etc etc. Those were the only interruptive bugs I personally noted, enough to frustrate and cause a login on the touch website many times.