Couchbase Revamps NoSQL Lineup for Mac OS X Developers

Startup NoSQL vendor Couchbase is targeting developers using Mac OS X (s aapl) with a new version of its Membase Server and an upgraded version of its Couchbase Server designed to run optimally on that platform. Membase Server is a key-value database and Couchbase Server is a document database, both created with the needs of high-volume web application in mind. Mac is hardly the most popular choice among developers across the board, but its popularity appears to be picking up, especially among web-application developers. With competition heating up to determine which NoSQL databases will ultimately win developers’ hearts, there’s a lot to be gained by expressly targeting Mac users.

A blog post by Redmonk analyst Stephen O’Grady is telling about developer preferences. Citing an Eclipse Foundation data finding that Mac represents only a small fraction (8 percent) of OS use by Eclipse developers, Redmonk found that visitors to its site — which focuses on areas of concern to application developers — use Mac far more frequently. The percentage of visitors running Mac increased sequentially for posts on Java (20.4 percent) (s orcl), PHP (32.5 percent) and JavaScript (36.2 percent). There’s not necessarily a correlation between those numbers and actual OS use among developers but, as O’Grady notes, it is an interesting data point. A Quora exchange on the best OS for Ruby on Rails development suggests Mac is the ideal OS there, too. It’s not the most popular OS among developers, but Mac certainly is popular among them, even more so than among the general public, according to some estimates.

Couchbase is a recently formed company, the result of a merger between Membase (formerly NorthScale), proprietor of Membase Server, and CouchOne, which created its own version of the Apache CouchDB database. Membase Server, which previously required some tooling to work on Mac, is in use by web companies such as AOL (s aol), Zynga and ShareThis. Membase Server for Mac OS X and Couchbase for Mac OS X are both free, open-source products.