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The Morning Lowdown 04-04-11

»  When SB Nation head Jim Bankoff was at AOL (NYSE: AOL) in 2005, he helped manage the acquisition of Endgaget — now he’s brought over the core team from that site to create a new tech site, suggesting to the NYT’s David Carr that AOL can buy what it can’t build, but has trouble holding on to what it bought. [NYT, Boomtown and our own paidContent coverage.]

»  Specialist agencies are emerging to offer big marketers help in navigating Facebook’s ad system. [WSJ]

»  What is Robert Thomson doing at the Wall Street Journal? (NSDQ: NWS) [New Yorker]

»  Cablevision (NYSE: CVC) launches Optimum for iPad: 300 channels and VOD [paidContent]

»  ABC (NYSE: DIS) News’ digital chief reports “limitless demand” for video news — but the challenge is how to scale content. []

»  Bernstein argues AT&T/T-Mobile may lead to higher prices, but says that’s not so bad. [Mobilized]

»  Sorry, bloggers, but Huffpo isn’t like a comedy club — it’s more like the U.S. open. [Mixed Media]

»  The online reputation gap and its discontents. [Gawker]

»  Newspaper ad column seems to be going the way of the three-martini lunch. [AdAge]

»  Mashable is introducing its “SocialPay Digital Subscription Plan,” which will ask its readers to create an account and pay $10 a month for access to the site’s content across devices. Interestingly, Mashable will only accept Facebook credits and readers will be able to read what they share for free. [Mashable]