No MTV? No Problem. New Channels On Time Warner Cable App

Time Warner Cable (s TWC) isn’t going to let a little squabble with its programming get in the way of making its live streaming iPad app available to subscribers. Just a day after removing 11 cable channels from the app yesterday, Time Warner Cable has restocked the app’s programming lineup, adding 17 national networks and three local channels.

The new programming added to the app’s lineup is a mix of Disney, (s DIS) NBC Universal, (s CMCSA) Turner (s TWX) and A&E Television Networks channels, as well as local programming in its New York and Austin markets. New stations added to the app include: A&E, ABC Family, AMC, Bravo, CNBC, CNBCW, CNN, CSPAN, CSPAN2, CSPAN3, Chiller TV, The Disney Channel, Disney XD, E!, ESPNnews, Food Network, Fox News, G4, Gala TV, HGTV, HLN, Hallmark, History, HSN, IFC, Jewelry, Lifetime Movie Network, MSNBC, NY1Noticias, NY1, QVC, Sleuth Channel, Soap Net, Style, Syfy, The Golf Channel, Travel Channel, USA, We and YNN Austin. The app now has 39 channels altogether.

While the new channel lineup is generally weaker than the 11 stations removed, it has some bright points. For one thing, AMC is now available through the app, which is good news for anyone that’s a fan of Mad Men, Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead. The app also gets some sports content for the first time, adding ESPNnews and the Golf Channel. And with CNN, CSPAN, MSNBC and Fox News, the update also has added a ton of new cable news programming, which will be a plus for news junkies. There’s no real substitute for live streaming MTV on the app, but lifestyle and home improvement networks like Bravo, E! and HGTV should help keep viewers entertained.

But for the Discovery, (s DISCA) Fox (s NWS) and Viacom (s VIA) networks that were removed, this was a missed opportunity. In the best case scenario, with hundreds of thousands of downloads Time Warner Cable app downloads already, those are simply viewers that will watch something else on the iPad. And that’s the best case scenario — if viewers can’t find the content they want, they could turn to watching pirated streams from sites like instead.