PHOTOS: The Nichols Solar Concentrating PV Farm


A solar farm using concentrating solar photovoltaic technology, which combines mirrors and solar PV cells, was recently completed in Hanford, Calif. at the Nichols Farms. It’s a 1 MW solar project, using technology from SolFocus, and built by Bechtel and developer Sol Orchard.

Check out the photos of this next-gen solar tech. The solar farm will produce 2,244 million kilowatt hours of clean power, using 119 SolFocus solar devices and is connected to the grid via utility Southern California Edison.


Charles E. Campbell

Excellent Solar Project. In the future, multiple use of the land shoul be considered. The land could produce grass for open range cattle, or agriculture. It is incumbant of innovators think in multidimensional ways. May I suggest that solar panels be added to ever thing that requires power to move.

After innovating large-scale hydro electricity, I can’t wait to do the same in solar. It is an exciting time to be an innovative entrepreneur and belive that nothing is impossible!

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)


Same question. What was the size of the footprint for this 1MW in context of other deployed solar project techniques?


Do you have info about how much area did this 1MW take?

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