Our Next Conference: paidContent Mobile, May 18, NYC


For years, despite the wide popularity of Windows, Symbian and BlackBerry, the carriers held most of the cards. That started to shift with the wild success of the iPhone and the advent of what is now iOS. Now the conversation-and innovation-is dominated by the platforms (Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows, RIM’s BlackBerry and still a key player, Nokia’s Symbian) and extended to tablets that are more like overgrown smartphones than PCs. The result is a new mobile universe where handsets, smart phones and tablets often cross purposes, where WiFi can be as important as 3G and now 4G, and where users have more power and more access to more forms of content than ever. At the same time, new alliances among big players – Nokia (NYSE: NOK) partnering with Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT), AT&T’s proposed $39 billion acquisitions of T-Mobile — threaten to turn it all upside down again.

We’ll be exploring both the opportunities and the potential pitfalls during paidContent Mobile: Platform Power, our full-day mobile conference in New York on May 18 at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

You’ll hear from a variety of industry veterans, start-up founders and catalysts, including Bob Bowman, CEO, MLB Advanced Media; Fran Hauser, President of Digital for *Time* Inc.’s Style & Entertainment and Lifestyle Groups; Mike Kelley, CEO, The Weather Channel; and Are Traasdahl, CEO of startup Tapad and founder of Thumbplay.

Some topics we’ll explore: Does the need to replicate across platforms stifle creativity? How are content creators meeting the differing needs of users – and the challenges of portability? How is mobile advertising taking advantage of the changes – and are Google (NSDQ: GOOG) and Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) making the most of the opportunity? Can there be too many platforms?

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If you have speaker suggestions, please contact us at events AT paidcontent.org-and if you’re interested in sponsoring paidContent Mobile: Platform Power, contact our ad department at advertising AT contentnext.com.

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