Today in Social


There’s irony aplenty when comparing Google-related discussions going on today. Bobbie Johnson adds color and describes Microsoft’s contribution to anti-competitive investigations of Google going on in Europe, where Google is even more dominant in search than in the U.S. Yet the company just can’t get any respect from Matthew Ingram and most other observers for its efforts in social media, including its latest initiative, +1, that looks suspiciously like a Facebook Like. The discussion under Matthew’s post is interesting: commentors wonder about Google’s “layer” approach in contrast with social media destinations. Don’t count +1 out just yet. Its results will show up on a very powerful “destination” – Google search results pages – and Google will likely get widespread site adoption if it uses +1’s as signals for results ranking. SEO agency iCrossing ponders search marketing implications, and says there’s still time for marketers to wait and see.

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