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eBay Sees 12K iPad 2 Sales in Two Weeks

If you were looking for an iPad 2 (s aapl) during the past few weeks and wanted instant gratification, eBay was a good place to look, so long as you didn’t mind inflated asking prices. It turns out at least 12,000 people were the impatient type (with big wallets, no less) as that’s how many iPad 2s were sold through the site during the tablet’s first two weeks of availability.

eBay (s ebay) detailed its iPad 2 sales info in the infographic below, complete with a breakdown of where sales were distributed geographically. The vast majority (65 percent) of iPad 2 purchases made through the site were U.S.-based, which is a little surprising since last year U.S. buyers accounted for only 35 percent of sales during the first two weeks following the original iPad’s launch. Heightened anticipation and demand, the lack of pre-orders and longer lines at U.S. retail locations may account for the increased number of domestic eBay buyers.

eBay buyers paid a significant premium over retail. On average, buyers paid nearly $200 more for the base 16 GB model, which was the most popular model with 30 percent of overall eBay sales. The second most popular seller, the 64 GB iPad 3G, carried an average additional cost of over $400 above Apple’s official asking price.

Some of the highest demand for the iPad 2 outside of the U.S. comes from Canada, Hong Kong, Russia, the UK and Hong Kong, many of which are countries where the iPad either just launched, or will be launching in April. Fears of delays and global stock shortages probably encouraged sales in those countries, despite imminent announced launch dates.

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