Hack Brings Wireless Video Mirroring to iPad 2


The iPad 2’s (s aapl) new HD mirroring ability is one of the device’s real killer features, in my opinion, but one user found it can be made even more useful by removing the requirement of a tethered cable connection. A MacRumors forum-user figured out a way to mirror the iPad’s screen wirelessly to an HDTV.

The mod definitely requires some technical know-how and a bit of elbow grease, but it doesn’t require the iPad to be jailbroken or cracked open. The forum-user, who uses the handle EGOvoruhk, created the wireless mirroring setup at a client’s request, using Apple’s Digital AV Adapter, a USB battery and an HP Wireless TV Connect (s hpq) device, all packed into a case that just about double’s the iPad 2’s weight. It may sound complicated, but it’s actually simple enough that I can see third-party accessory makers or Apple trying to recreate a production version of the same thing.

Judging by the demo (which you can check out for yourself in the video below), there’s no noticeable lag between input on the iPad and screen response on the external monitor, and video seems to play back very smoothly. In short, it looks like the ultimate way to use your iPad as both remote control and home entertainment center, not only for movies, but also for gaming, presentations and apps, too. It’s perfect for iPad cord cutting, especially since it actually allows you to literally ditch the cord.

All told, EGOvoruhk spent about $275 on the whole build, which isn’t very much considering the components were purchased at Fry’s, a major electronics retail chain in the U.S. That’s good news for consumers, since a dedicated product from a third-party producer or Apple itself should cost less. Honestly, though, I’d be willing to pay quite a bit to get that kind of functionality out of my iPad 2. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Apple will just introduce it as an update to AirPlay’s abilities, making it free.

Anyone brave enough to try this as a DIY build?



That’s a really well executed DIY solution. I actually built something similar but not nearly as nice looking out of the ASUS WiCast and alkaline battery pack (and some duct tape). The WiCast mobile transmitter has a standard DC power in port, so it was easier to power the contraption using some RadioShack parts and some solder, but I like the idea of the rechargeable USB battery.


The AirPlay option is really limited now due to bandwidth restrictions. Wireless 1080p is hard and this little hack is very impressive. It’s applicability is pretty spectacular accross the board. I bet you HP is selling out of these kits right now. The reviews on amazon are encouraging.


Wouldn’t this be possible via Airplay with a TV hooked-up to ATV2


Don’t know why Apple would not offer this directly, any thoughts? I agree with OM the potential of mirroring is massive especially when incorporate with a front facing camera and apps. Could create some amazing Kinect like gaming and augmented reality functionality.


Wow, really cool. I mean who has a 25′ HDMI cable that can go from the couch to the TV? I hope Apple jumps on this train! It seems easy enough to do this with iPad 2 and Apple TV over WiFi…


Oh wow, only doubles the weight ? That’s such an elegant solution it makes you wonder why Apple didn’t do it /sarcasm


Nice! Well done, bro….make it smaller, and neater, and sell millions of them. Ill take 1 right now! Bravo!

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