Google Fiber Brings Threat and Opportunity for ISPs


James Nelson has been offering Internet access to folks in Kansas City since 1995 through his ISP KCnet, where he is the CEO and president, but today marks a turning point in his business. Wednesday morning, Google named Kansas City, Kan. as the home for its 1 Gigabit fiber-to-the-home network that currently dwarfs what all but a few towns in the U.S. receive. As the head of the largest local independent ISP in the area, Nelson is both excited and worried about Google’s (s goog) moves into his region.

Google has said it plans to share its fiber-to-the-home network with other ISPs. I’m not sure if AT&T (s t), Comcast (s cmcsa) and Time Warner Cable (s twc), which all provide service in the metro area, will take the search giant up on its offer, but Nelson says he wants to.

“This is definitely a mixed bag for us, because Google will be attracting away some of our broadband customers, and at the same time we can leverage that network to offer our own services,” said Nelson. “Plus it’s great news overall for Kansas City and tremendous for economic development and business growth here.”

James Nelson, CEO and president KCnet

sued in 2005 by Time Warner Cable Missouri is one of the states

As for keeping customers after Google comes in with superfast service, Nelson is philosophical. “We are known for our support, so we will have to differentiate ourselves between our experience and support and those that show up out of the blue to offer service.”



dear stacey–thanks for keeping up with these developments and making the stories easy on the mind.
quick question–if 1gb isn’t the tops in terms of speed to the home–who & where are the lucky folks who get > 1gb? you write that the new fibre plan: “….currently dwarfs what all but a few towns in the U.S. receive.” i’d love to know who gets more (aside from PA Ave) & might consider moving. :)

thanks again–keep up the good work.

promissory note

One thing is for sure that it will be eventually beneficial for the consumers because competition in the market will increase further between the vendors.

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