Today in Cloud

Amazon launched their cloud-powered music services – Cloud Drive and Cloud Player – this week as rumored, beating Apple, Google, and others to it. U.S. based customers (and an errant BBC journalist) are able to store music and other content in Amazon’s existing cloud infrastructure, and stream to non-iOS devices on demand. Growing interest in cloud-based storage and delivery of media is driving investment in data centers and networking. A prevalent rumor concerning Apple’s massive new North Carolina data center convincingly suggests that it may be intended to support a cloud-based enhancement to the company’s iTunes media solution. The demands of streaming media will test facilities in ways that more traditional enterprise requirements perhaps have not. Most customers are far more forgiving of a slowly loading web page than they would be of a skipping song or a stuttering movie. Investments such as Apple’s suggest that the big players in this space are rising to the challenge. They – and we – may well be defeated by limitations in local broadband infrastructure.