5 Killer Apps for iPad 2 HD Mirroring

The ability to show everything that’s on my iPad 2’s (s aapl) screen on a TV using the new HD mirroring function has changed the device from just a remarkably portable computer to a full-fledged entertainment and business center. These are the apps that helped make that happen.

Air Video

There are other options for streaming your computer’s video library to the iPad, but Air Video consistently receives updates to improve its quality and squash bugs, and it works both in your home network and away with relatively little setup. It also supports AirPlay video streaming, but if you don’t have an Apple TV to stream to, it does a great job with the Digital AV Adapter and iPad 2 HD mirroring.

Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me HD

If you have a TV in the kitchen, or even just one that you can view from the kitchen, then being able to view ingredient lists and cooking instructions on a large screen can really help make the whole process easier. That’s especially true if the app features instructional video, as Gordon Ramsay’s Cook With Me HD does. Even if it doesn’t, viewing ingredients lists and cooking instruction on a large screen may be better for those that have a hard time reading small text.

Sketchbook Pro

I like to use the iPad as a canvas from time to time, in combination with a Pogo Sketch or other drawing stylus. Sketchbook Pro is a great app for that purpose on the iPad, and with HD mirroring, it becomes a much bigger drawing tablet — and one that I can use to show off my sketches in real-time as they happen. This comes in handy if you’re working on character design collaboratively with another artist, or if you just want to play Win, Lose or Draw at a party or with a group of friends. If you’re more interested in using the iPad connected to a display as a collaborative whiteboard tool, try Whiteboard Internet Collaboration, which also lets other users with any other iOS device and the app installed join in, too.

Screens or LogMeIn Ignition

Whatever your preference for remote desktop apps (Screens and LogMeIn Ignition are two good choices), when paired with an iPad 2 and HD mirroring, they become a way to quickly and easily recreate and access your home computer when you’re on the road, so long as you have access to an HDMI-equipped TV. It might not have the best performance, depending on your connection quality, but it should do the trick if you need to show a quick presentation using PowerPoint on your home computer or do some light work in, say, Photoshop. It’ll also make the experience much less frustrating since you won’t have to fudge around with a screen much smaller than your actual computer’s.


This may seem like an odd choice, but the built-in Maps app offers the ability to search for and then share directions to a specific location with a large group of people all at once, which comes in handy much more often than you might suspect. This is great if you’re planning a company outing to a trade show or conference, or just for giving your family directions to the park where you’re holding the annual picnic. Beats telling everyone to “just follow me.”