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Google Tries To One-Up Facebook’s ‘Like’ With Its Own Share Button

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is moving to match Facebook with its own version of the social network’s ‘Like’ button, which has become ubiquitous across the web since its launch last April. Google users will now be able to click a “+1” button on Google search results to recommend an entry or ad to their friends. The button will soon be coming to third-party sites as well, so that visitors will be able to recommend that content too.

The key difference between the Facebook ‘Like’ button and Google’s ‘+1’: While Facebook users who ‘Like’ a piece of content automatically share it with their friends on the social network, Google users who ‘+1’ are recommending it to friends who are conducting searches on the search engine. (Adjacent to a result, users will see the name of a contact who recommends it).

That makes it the latest in a series of updates the company has made to make its search results more “social.” Just last month, for instance, Google said it would play up content written by friends and friends of friends when users make a query on its search engine. Like with that feature, ‘+1’ only works if users have set up a Google profile, which lets Google establish who a user’s “friends” are. Users can opt-in here.

How ‘+1’ works:

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One Response to “Google Tries To One-Up Facebook’s ‘Like’ With Its Own Share Button”

  1. iAmJasonPaul

    I’m really liking this on first impression. There’s probably privacy issues for some but I don’t think it’s any more invasive than serving ads in a Gmail. If you have a problem with that best not to use Gmail at all and avoid the issue. What I like is that this share tool is going to break up Facebook/Twitter hegemony in a meaningful way. Facebook Like has proved very useful but in a limited way…this can blow the doors open on the power of social in a way that actually makes sense for Google. Google is just not good with the squishy and fun side of social (like FB and Twitter). But it’s unparalleled as a utility and I think they’ve really figured something out with this one.