Google’s Android Ready For In-App Purchases

After much discussion earlier this year Google’s in-app billing system for Android applications is out in the wild, with several major publishers on board on the first day. Eric Chu of Google (NSDQ: GOOG) formally announced the new service late Tuesday on the company’s blog, giving Android developers a way to get additional revenue out of their applications.

In-app transactions have been part of Apple’s iOS for quite some time, and Android developers are likely to be relieved at finally getting their hands on such a feature. They’re sometimes controversial to parents confronted with huge bills, but in-app purchases done correctly offer users a way to unlock premium content within an application and developers a way to make money while still offering free applications.

Google first announced the plan to bring out in-app billing services at an event in February held to highlight its Honeycomb Android operating system designed especially for tablets, and started testing it late last week. Publishers involved at the launch include Disney (NYSE: DIS) Mobile with Tap Tap Revenge and Glu Mobile (NSDQ: GLUU) with Deer Hunter Challenge HD and other games.