Ravel Hopes to Open-Source Graph Databases

Ravel, an Austin, Texas-based company, wants to provide a supported, open-source version of Google’s (s goog) Pregel software called GoldenOrb to handle large-scale graph analytics. Ravel COO Zach Richardson told me at our Structure: Big Data event last week that the company would release the GoldenOrb code on March 31 and explained how such databases can help run analytics on massive amounts of data across huge numbers of nodes without taking as much time as Hadoop or MapReduce. He also explains that Ravel will introduce enterprise versions of GoldenOrb and Apache Mahout, an open-source, machine-learning platform that utilizes Hadoop to analyze large data sets.

For those who want more context, my colleague Derrick wrote a good overview on the rise of graph databases such as Pregel or Objectivity’s InfiniteGraph. In the video above, Richardson also discusses how Ravel hopes to become the Red Hat (s rht) of Pregel, but as startups proliferate around the myriad NoSQL database options, a battle is looming for the individual technologies as well as which startup will manage to be the ultimate guardian of the open source code. I mentioned Ravel as one of the 10 startups you should have met if you went to South by Southwest, but for those who didn’t get the chance, check out this video.