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Out Now On Facebook: Five More Warner Bros. Films

Warner Bros. (NYSE: TWX) will let Facebook users stream five more of its titles, in a move that reinforces the view that the social network has the potential to become a big outlet for premium video online. Earlier this month, the studio had let Facebook users rent The Dark Knight in what it described as a “test.”

Warner Bros. now says it is expanding the experiment so that Facebook users will be able to stream Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Inception, Life As We Know It and Yogi Bear, on each film’s respective Facebook page.

Warner Bros. is charging users 40 Facebook credits, which cost $4, in order to watch Inception, Life As We Know It and Yogi Bear, as many times as they want on the social network during a 48-hour period, and 30 Facebook credits in order to watch the two Harry Potter films.

The wide selection of titles (Life As We Know It is a romantic comedy, while Yogi Bear is aimed at children) suggests Warner Bros. may be considering Facebook as an outlet for many of its films. One retort following The Dark Knight‘s debut on the social network was that it was only one title with a specific audience and it was therefore much too early to suggest that Facebook could be a competitor to existing online video marketplaces.