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Do You Need a Social Media Detox?

I am one of those people who has found a way to find the requisite balance between social media and a private life. Sure, it has taken a lot of work to get to that point (including nearly a month off from the Internet), but it can be done. Though, it does mean that now I am not one of the 20,000 elite users who produce 50 percent of all tweets consumed.

Anyway if you want to find out if you need a social media detox, check out this fun graphic from Column Five Media.

3 Responses to “Do You Need a Social Media Detox?”

  1. This is really funny and really hits me big time. The influence of the internet is overwhelming that it will consume you if you don’t think critically. It really depends on the person as to how he/she takes technology to his/her advantage.

  2. Peter Mullen

    A post on social media detox follows a post on the benefits of oversharing. Hmmm, a GigOM divided against itself or showing two sides of the same coin? Regardless, both very relevant!