Vid Biz: Amazon Locker, Twitter TV, YouTube Reunion


Amazon may soon launch film, music locker service; Amazon is said to be working on creating a cloud locker service that would enable users to store their existing music, film, and book collections, even content not purchased at Amazon, on the company’s servers. (Media Maverick)

P2P lawyers score a victory, mass subpoenas can proceed; a federal judge in Washington, DC has decided that mass lawsuits against file sharers can continue, and the ISPs involved need to turn over names in a timely fashion. (Ars Technica)

YouTube co-founders may team on new start-up; Hurley and Chen are toying with an idea that has to do with indexing videos. (Media Maverick)

Piers Morgan to air live Twitter TV show Tuesday; Twitter founders @biz and @jack will be on the show, as well as “top tweeters” Martha Stewart and Alyssa Milano. (Lost Remote)

Xfinity TV App Update Brings More Features, Personalization; this is the third major release of Xfinity TV for iOS since its launch in November. (Comcast Voices)

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