The Morning Lowdown 03-25-11


Credit: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  Condé Nast has brought back consultancy McKinsey & Co. Though this time it’s not to lay off waves of staffers, but to assess growth opportunities. (Adweek)

»  Twitter is allowing country-specific ads. (MediaMemo)

»  Huffington’s Cultural Revolution: when journalists are called on to redirect the corporate culture of an organization, sometimes it works in a small way, but usually it doesn’t; and almost never on a vast scale. (Capital NY)

»  Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has a new format for video ads called “Media Ads.” (Inside AdWords)

»  How are the slices in the marketing dollar evolving today? (AdExchanger)

»  Apple’s “iAds” mobile ad system represents something the iPad maker isn’t known for: a mediocre product (Business Insider)

»  There’s a coming battle for Africa’s internet (The Atlantic)

»  Rebecca Black’s Weird Music Factory Will Tell All Tomorrow (Gawker)

»  Find The Best Stuff Around You With Village Voice Media’s “Best Of …” App (Techcrunch)

»  If you’re thinking of paying for digital access to the NYT’s digital content, think about getting a subscription to the Sunday paper — it’ll save you money. (Nieman Labs/Ken Doctor)

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