Barnes And Noble Set To Update Nook Color With More Apps, Flash Video


Credit: Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble’s Nook e-reader will soon look more and more like a full-fledged Android tablet when a software update is released this spring that brings applications to the device. Both the bookseller and its HSN (NSDQ: HSNI) retail partner teased a new “major update” (according to B&N’s press release) that will bring several new apps and e-mail, including the most important app of all: Angry Birds.

CNET notes that this is not really a surprise, but it’s an interesting development as the industry tries to figure out how people want to use devices like e-readers: do they want the simplicity of a single-function device or the practicality of a multifunction device that has an excellent e-reader? The Nook is up against a host of challenges, with the popularity of Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad forcing tough decisions about how best to compete in a new market.

In addition to the new apps, Barnes and Noble (NYSE: BKS) said the update will bring Adobe’s Flash to the device as well as an enhanced browser. The company also plans to promote the Nook as a device for kids, highlighting new content in its press release such as Dora the Explorer and Barbie.



If anyone hasn’t heard: Barnes and noble’s new update for nook color will finaly be availablr Monday April 25th (reliable inside source).

Don Shannon

I bought a nook for my wife for Christmas, and I’m looking to buy one for myself, once it turns into a true android tablet. :D

The Doc

They have been talking about this for the last 6 months. What would be nice is to SEE some progress which I doubt will come down the pike. They have to do something to keep sales up. Just don’t get sucked in like I did.


This is going to be a very interesting battle in the market with a B&N Nook Color at $249 device that functions like more of a tablet. Sure the iPad and other tablets have more features, but they are also at least twice as expensive.


I agree about the kids angle. I’m planning to get one for my kids. The price is cheap enough for me to let them at it with out worrying about how much I paid, and it sounds like the build quality is up to the task.

My kids are learning to read and they love bed time stories so anything that can come with a good amount of content whilst also being flexible enough to allow me to load content from elsewhere would be great.

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