Apple’s Day At The ITC: One For Two In Favorable Mobile Patent Rulings

The International Trade Commission ruled on two patent cases involving Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) and other mobile companies Friday, and Apple went one for two.

In a dispute between Apple and Nokia where each claims the other is infringing on key patents, a judge for ITC ruled (click for PDF) that Apple hasn’t infringed on patents belonging to Nokia (NYSE: NOK). The ruling follows an earlier recommendation by the ITC staff last November that favored Nokia, but whether or not Nokia actually infringed on Apple’s patents is part of a separate process that is expected to be completed this summer. Both companies are still suing each other in federal court, but those cases are pending until the full ITC review is complete.

However, in a separate case involving Eastman Kodak claims that smartphone companies including Apple and Research in Motion (NSDQ: RIMM) are infringing on camera-related patents, the ITC decided to review Kodak’s case, Reuters reported. In January an ITC judge had ruled that Apple and RIM didn’t infringe on those patents, but the full ITC board is going to take up the matter once again, giving Kodak another shot at extracting royalties or settlements from smartphone companies with cameras in their products: namely, all of them.

This has been your day in mobile patent rulings. Stay tuned for further updates, as practically the entire mobile industry is suing one another over various patents.

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