Shazam Is Now Friends With Facebook


Credit: ryoichitanaka

One more step for Shazam to make itself a more useful service — and another step in Facebook’s ambition to become your central hub for media consumption. The music-identifying service, which lets a user find a song based on a hummed or actual snippet that they pick up with their mobile handsets, has integrated its service with Facebook in a new service called “Shazam Friends.”

In essence, the new service, available to Shazam app users when they next update their Android of iOS app or download it for the first time, will link up a Shazam-found track with a tag-list on Facebook.

Those tags can then be shared with a person’s Facebook friends, or used to subsequently listen to and download music, and stream the music “where available”. (That may be because the service works with certain providers, such as Spotify, which for now is not available in countries like the U.S.)

Other features include the ability to watch music videos, read reviews, access biographies and get artist tour information, post the tags to Twitter, and listen and comment on other friends’ lists. It’s also one more shot for Shazam at viral marketing, giving users the ability to get their contacts to join them on Shazam Friends.

The deal with Facebook is another example of how Shazam is linking up with other social media, media consumption sites to increase its usefulness and stickiness as a service.

It follows closely behind a deal announced in January for Shazam users to be able to listen to songs on Spotify after identifying them through Shazam, via a link within the Shazam app. For now, that service is only available to people who take the premium (paid-for) Shazam app and are Spotify subscribers, although there are plans to make a version of the service available also to Spotify’s and Shazam’s free users at some point too.

Shazam also features a hotbutton for users to watch YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) related videos as well. That service is free.

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