Today in Cloud

GigaOM’s Structure Big Data has been underway in New York today. Although unable to attend in person because of a prior commitment here in Belgium, I’ve been making odd moments of time to follow along with interest via the blog posts, press releases and tweets. Dissecting all of them must wait for a quieter day, but it’s been intriguing to see the range of areas in which compelling Big Data stories are being told. In line with some ideas I explore in this week’s upcoming Weekly Update, one session saw Hilary Mason of describe the simplicity of data (‘just’ a link at one level… but millions or billions of links in aggregate) and Joyent’s Jason Hoffman note that “‘big’ doesn’t have to mean size.” Indeed. Elsewhere, EMC’s Luke Lonergan talked about democratising access to data, and IBM’s Jim Baum described the use of Big Data in directly influencing the strategy of non-IT companies such as Starbucks. There’s plenty to digest here, and I look forward to reading the posts and watching the videos in a more leisurely manner. More importantly, I look forward to being there in person next time around.